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backtagging yep!
threadhopping ask me first, please.
fourthwalling not a fan, but if you can make a case, go for it!
offensive subjects i am okay with most things, but please warn if there's going to be discussion of self-harm, specifically cutting.
differing canon points i'm down for it! fuck him up with genocide run mentions. for reference, my papyrus is taken from true pacifist! different points from that route can be used, to suit specific threads, so if you wanna do something in the middle of true pacifist rather than right at the end, that's just fine!
differing aus i'm also fine with this, such as underswap or underfell, etc, but please be prepared for the inevitable freak-out, especially in the case of seeing himself or sans from those AUs. i'm also down for AUing Papy to be human, if you want to mess around with shit like that, too.


physical affection yep! hugs are great! just keep in mind that he's a skeleton; don't hug him too hard...
flirting GO FOR IT though he completely misunderstands the concept of flirtation to begin with. If he does Get It, he'll just die of embarrassment, so good job, asshole. You killed a skeleton.
smut i mean... he's a skeleton. a very handsome, very charming skeleton, but a skeleton nonetheless. maybe in a human!AU?
fighting yeyeye! Papyrus is a very strong fighter, but he has a Pure Heartâ„¢ and doesn't really possess killing intent unless there are extenuating circumstances. Like really, really intense circumstances. Like you probably could rip his arm off and he still wouldn't kill you. You'd probably have to kill one of his friends or his brother in front of him or some shit. Either way, he utilizes magic for attacks, so it won't be likely that he'll be throwing punches unless he absolutely has no other choice.
injuries yes! fuck him up. though it honestly wouldn't be hard to do, from a physical standpoint, since he's a skeleton. Drop a giant boulder on him, you win.
death laughs ... do it. BUT ASK ME/LET ME KNOW FIRST PLEASE i don't want to suddenly open up a tag and see oh, he's totally been one-hit killed! nvm genocide run logic with that, that's boring, let's make it pain and suffering for everyone.
telepathy/psychic abilities sure thing! again, let me know ahead of time if you want to use that in a thread so i can be prepared to go over what's bouncing around in that empty head of his.

warnings Papyrus doesn't come with any sort of warnings, really! he's very, very benign and inoffensive.


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